AIM OF AOS – UW-TU:Academic Open Space


Future aim

The UW-TU:AOS is constantly seeking an opportunity to extend its framework, not only to promote academic collaboration between the two universities, but to explore it in more diverse communities. “Open Space” that we originally named came from our desire to create a free and open-minded environment, so that collaborative chains among universities, research institutes/organizations, industries and governments are developed through actively crossing both disciplinary and national boundaries.

Working across not just boundaries of individual disciplines, but collaborating over gulfs in language and culture challenges the participants to adopt broadened perspectives and to expand their horizon about how R&D is carried out. Thus the UW-TU:AOS helps assisting to gain empathy for the experience of “outsiders” in their work environments through embedding themselves in different cultures. Through this experience, the participants become better prepared to take on leadership roles in the increasingly global enterprises of science and technology.

The UW-TU:AOS is a centralized support organization that can reduce the barrier to create and sustain international projects that branch into “new directions” and can release the creativity of the researchers by breaching out the traditional disciplinary cultures.


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